Wire Rod Mill

Wire Rod Mill

High speed rolling technology

Increased production volume and stable operations become possible through high speed rolling technology.

The wire rod mill is the F1 of rolling mills and the best reference to prove the capabilities of a design and manufacturing leader like Hani Tech.

Details Description

Hani Tech’s strength lies in having a team of specialists and technical engineers with high skills and knowledge based on decades of executing wire rod mill projects.

All self-developed key wire rod mill equipment is as follows:

  1. High-speed finishing blocks mills/wire rod mills.
  2. State-of-the-art cooling line laying heads.
  3. Cooling conveyor with efficient cooling fan and insulating cover.

The coil-forming chamber has a device to better distribute the waps inside the coil, ensuring a compact coil shape.

Horizontal and vertical coil handling systems are equipped with compacting and strapping devices.

Wire Rod Mill


Material specification Æ17~21mm
Material temperature >900℃
Product specification Æ5.5~16mm
The kinds of rolling steel Carbon steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, high-quality carbon structural steel
Speed of the exit of the tenth frame 110m/s
Raw Material From 60*60 up to 200*200 billets
Finished Products (5.5~16mm)
Annual Capacity 50,000 up to 500,000tons


Structural Characteristics of Wire Rod Mill/Block Mill:
● Mill stand uses top crossed 45℃ composition form to achieve no twisting, no contact axis, little axis and shock for equipment, besides, it decreases the center of gravity height, the stability increases as well, while, the total weight has decreased and it is very easy to maintain. Ten stands are concentrated transmission.
● Roll frame is composed of roller box, bevel gearbox, and spare parts of bevel gearbox.
● Roller box and bevel gearbox adopt outside combinational instruction.
● Roller loop is tungsten carbide, and it is connected to the cantilever roll shaft, we use the specific hydraulic changing roll equipment to replace the roll loop, it is convenient and easy.


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