Wire Rod Finishing Mill

Wire Rod Finishing Mill

  • Finishing mill is the top cross 45° high-speed wire rod finishing mills designed for producing wire rod.
  • Rolling by 10 unit rack continuous micro-tension rolling mill, the Φ17~Φ21 mm of rolled piece can be rolled into Φ5.5~Φ16 mm wire rod.
  • The mill guaranteed exit speed is 90 m/s. (When the final wire rod size is Φ5.5 mm)

Details Description

  • The mill unit consists of 5 stands φ230 rolling mill and 5 stands φ170 rolling mill, the strength of the unit is more powerful.


  • The unit uses a top cross 45° layout, reducing the equipment's center of gravity height, and increasing the stability of the unit.


  • Adjacent rolling mill stands are arranged at 90º to each other, achieving no-twist rolling.


  • Roll box with plug-in structure, cantilevered roll ring, and cabinets equipped with an eccentric mechanism for adjusting the roll gap. The eccentric sleeve is equipped with an oil film bearing and roller shaft, fixing roller ring with a tapered sleeve at the cantilever roller shaft end.


Design method top crossed 45°, ten frames concentrated transmission.
Size of roll loop Æ200 mill (Æ210.5–Æ189.5)×Æ120.65×72mm
Size of roll loop Æ150 mill (Æ158.8-Æ142.9)×Æ87.76×62mm
Rolling  force Æ200 mill 152kN
Rolling  force Æ150 mill 107.8kN
Rolling  torque Æ200 mill 2.86kNm
Rolling  torque Æ150 mill 1.61kNm
Power 1600kW×three or 4500 kW AC inverter motor
Rotating speed 1000~1300 r/min
Working speed 900~1100r/min

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