Hot Wire Rod Rolling Mill
Hot Wire Rod Rolling Mill

Hot Wire Rod Rolling Mill

Wire Rolling Mill Machine: Hot wire rod rolling mill is 45° non-twisting top crossed continuous mill group, and it belongs to type of Morgan.

Application: Hot wire rod rolling mill is used to produce plain steel, carbon constructional quality steel, low-alloy steel, and tray screw thread steel.

Final product of production: The final product is φ5.5—φ16mm hot wire rod coil with a rolling speed 90-135m/s.

Details Description

The finished product of hot wire rod rolling production line is wire rod of 5.5-16mm.

The main process is :

  • IF furnace smelting by continuous casting machine molding 70 square billets , by the conveyor roller to the whole hot rolling unit, direct roll forming; 
  • through the pressure feed, silking, after cooling, the coil tilter machine rollover, push the small coil to the collecting machine, N small volume on the collecting machine combined bundled into a large roll; then listed, weighing, storage.


Annual Capacity 50,000 up to 500,000 tons
Raw Material From 60*60 up to 200*200 billets
Design Method top crosses 45°; ten frames concentrated transmission
Transmission Motor  DC motor
Rotating Speed 1000~3000r/min
Working Speed 900~1100r/min

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